Jody Servon

JODY SERVON (Boone, North Carolina) Jody Servon’s art projects include installations, drawings, photographs, sculptures, video and social experiments. Her work has appeared in exhibitions, screenings and as public projects in the US, Canada, and China. Servon participated in residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Contemporary Artists Center, Super G Experiential Residency and was a conceptual artist in residence for the Town of Clayton in North Carolina in 2012. She has received multiple awards including two fellowships from the North Carolina Arts Council. Articles and reviews have appeared in: The New York Times, Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, Arizona Daily Star and The Winston Salem Journal. Servon’s work was featured in New American Paintings Issue 70, Artful Dodge Issue 50/51, and selections from Saved, a collaborative project with poet Lorene Delany-Ullman, appeared in Issue 74 of AGNI Magazine and in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition of Lunch Ticket. Servon also curates exhibitions focused on contemporary art. Projects include: Filling Up/Spilling Out, Excess, blip…blah…blog, Collected, and International Ink. Servon is an associate professor and gallery director at Appalachian State University.


Dreams for Free

Jody Servon

Main Gallery- SECCA

February 7, 3:30- 5:30 pm

Tell your dreams to the artist in exchange for a lottery ticket.

Since January 2012, Jody Servon has been collecting dreams in exchange for a lottery ticket. For each ticket she distributes, she asks the recipient to write down their desires for what they would do if they won. For each installment of Dreams for Free, she purchases 50 tickets and gives them to participants met in public spaces such as city streets, restaurants, convenience stories, transportation hubs, festivals, parks, and Laundromats. Servon captures private and personal dreams in public space.

How does the prospect of financial freedom allow us to imagine and hold a momentary vision of what we desire for our lives, at a scale that is outsize compared to our current realities? Does the prospect of having money express dreams that we cannot quantify?

On December 19th, Servon had her first collective action, carrying out Dreams for Free in Winston-Salem. She will conduct another Dreams for Free during the course of the exhibition. First come, first served. 50 lottery tickets will be exchanged. 


Our Top 100

Jody Servon

Give us a song. Tell us a memory.

Our Top 100 is an auditory scrapbook of memorable songs provoked by personal experience. You are invited to contribute a song and a memory attached to it, which will be added to a community-based top-100 playlist. Your song will be played on the looped community playlist and your written memory will be shown alongside others’ on the wall.

This project began in 2014 by Jody Servon as My Top 100, a printed list of memorable songs from the artist’s life from birth to 2014, accompanied by her music playlist, arranged alphabetically. For Collective Actions, My Top 100 has become Our Top 100, a community-sourced playlist that shows how our personal history, connected to songs, also creates a community network through popular culture. 

Here is Our Top 100, Volume 1 for you to enjoy at home. Volume 2 coming soon!